Plan Your Visit

In light of the rapidly increasing numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 in New Jersey the Raptor Trust will be closed to the public, beginning on Tuesday, November 24th, until further notice. We hope to have you back soon, but i the meantime please consider joining us virtually by booking a raptor program by clicking here.


The Raptor Trust is located at 1390 White Bridge Road, Millington, NJ. Approximately 50 resident birds are on exhibit in large outdoor aviaries viewed by walking along the trails. Living on the campus of the Trust throughout the year is variety of raptors and birds of prey. Currently, the Trust is home to two Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Barred Owls, Great Horned Owls, Ravens, Screech Owls, Red-Tailed Hawks, a Snowy Owl and many more!

Education Center

At this time our indoor Education Center is closed.  You can find more about virtual education programs on our website at Virtual Programs.


If you are looking for unique gifts for yourself or a bird lover you know, stop by our local store. You’ll find great gift ideas, birding books for children & adults, hand-crafted jewelry, stuffed animals, Raptor Trust apparel and more. You can also find great gifts by visiting our Online Gift Shop.

On-site store hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1-4PM and Saturday 10-4PM.


A few things to know when you visit us!

  • Please stay on the gravel paths and in the public areas.
  • The rehabilitation areas are off limits to the public. Our patients are wild animals and we need to be sensitive and mindful of their needs for a quick recovery and return to the wild.
  • Parents and group leaders: Please supervise your children and students. We ask that you keep the noise to a minimum as we have many sensitive species living at the Trust.
  • We ask that you maintain a ratio of no more than five children to one adult at all times. Children must remain with their parents/teachers at all times.
  • Please no running, use a quiet, inside voices and let’s keep the rocks, leaves and other plants on the ground where they like to live!

And we love all animals – including dogs – but we do not allow dogs onsite or in the parking area as they can scare our resident birds.

We also have a gift shop filled with fun trinkets, souvenirs, books and Raptor Trust t-shirts, mugs, stuffed animals and much, much more! After your tour, stop by the Gift Shop!

Masks must be worn at all times while visiting The Raptor Trust grounds.

All visitors will be greeted at the gated parking lot at 1452 White Bridge Road, where a staff member will check your reservation, count your group, and ensure that everyone has a mask. If you do not have a mask you will not be allowed to enter.

Did you know that The Raptor Trust is close to a lot of fun things in Somerset and Morris Counties?

The surrounding area is full of other great environmental organizations. Make a day of your visit and check out some of our friends! See the links below for events going on at each location.