The aviary trail is open to visitors 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In-Person Programming

Private staff led tour talk – $100  limit 8 people. Approximately 40 minutes.  Includes a private visit to our education center.

Group staff led tour talk – $160 limit 15 people.  Approximately 60 minutes. Includes a private visit to our education center.

Self guided tours – Free, visit any time while we are open, occasional promotions including scavenger hunts, social media tags and story walks.

Group educational programs, onsite – $160   Maximum 25 people.  Approximately 60 minutes.  Includes a live bird presentation outdoors, visitor center exploration, and self guided tour with activity sheet. 

Group educational programs, offsite – $280  Maximum 50 people.  Approximately 45 minutes, includes a live bird introduction and additional question and answer time.  Secondary programs at the same date & location, within 1.5 hours of the original booking’s start time, are charged at the rate of $160 each. 

Junior educational programs, onsite – $115 Maximum 15 children.  Approximately 40 minutes including bird introduction and hands-on activity. 

Junior educational programs, offsite – $220.  Maximum 25 children.  Approximately 30 minutes.  Secondary programs at the same date & location, within 1 hour of the original booking’s start time, are charged at the rate of $130 each.

Scout Program, onsite – $115.  Maximum 15 participants (parents, siblings, and scouts included).  Groups meet at our education center to explore educational exhibits with our educators and before embarking on a guided tour of our aviary trail. Includes a live bird presentation.

To schedule a program, please email

Live Virtual Programs

Live virtual programs are offered via Zoom but DO NOT include an introduction to a live bird on screen. Programs may not be recorded without express permission of all parties. There must be a teacher, parent, scout leader, etc. on any call in which students or children under the age of 16 are participating.

Group and Classroom Programs – email for pricing information.

These programs are customizable in time, topic, and can be presented with students seated in a live classroom or individually signed in via personal computers.  Run time can be between 35-50 minutes. Presentations include slides with photos and videos, and group participation exercises. Supporting materials for teachers, including additional readings, detailed program outlines, vocabulary lists, worksheets, and suggested followup activities, are available upon request.  

Virtual Program Topics:

  • All About Owls
  • Fantastic Falcons
  • We Love Vultures!
  • Hawks and Eagles of North America
  • Raptor Adaptations
  • Raptor Habitat
To schedule a live virtual program, please email