WE ARE ACCEPTING PATIENTS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  If you have found an orphaned or injured wild bird, please follow the instructions below:

  • We are open to admit patients between 9am and 4:30pm.  Call to make an appointment. Once you have made the appointment, fill out the online admit form.
  • Wear a mask when you arrive at TRT.
  • Bring the bird to TRT and follow the instructions posted in the parking lot.
  • There is NO after hours or overnight drop off at this time.

We are taking every precaution to keep both you and our medical staff safe and healthy so that The Raptor Trust can continue providing care to birds that need our help. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For further information, please email info@TheRaptorTrust.org.

TRT's March Madness Bird Bracket!

Spring is a busy time in the TRT infirmary. To raise funds for all the bird seed, suet, fruit, vegetables, mealworms, and formula we’re going to need, TRT is inviting YOU into the madness– the March Madness, that is.
Register to make your bracket predictions! Every bird in the bracket is one that we treat at TRT each year. Some we see commonly, while others are endangered species. Proceeds from this competition benefit all of them!
The person with the most correct predictions will receive a private group tour (up to 7 other guests) of The Raptor Trust with our director.

The Raptor Trust stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and all those working to turn the tide on American racism, discrimination, and inequality. Common to each grisly story of recent violent attacks against Black Americans is a fundamental lack of humanity that is at odds with the mission of our organization. We feel a responsibility to speak up and to act.

As an environmental organization, our focus is biodiversity, but we also endorse ethnic and cultural diversity. Social and environmental justice are equally necessary to provide a safe and secure future for the next generation. In addition to the current cultural and economic inequalities, we are also facing unprecedented environmental challenges, many of which disproportionately impact BIPOC communities.

Going forward, The Raptor Trust will make financial assistance available to educational institutions (schools, scout groups, religious groups, and others) to increase access to the environmental education programs we are so proud to offer. Support for these programs will come from the Len and Diane Soucy Memorial Fund, established in memory of The Raptor Trust’s founders, both of whom believed in equal opportunities for environmental education for all.



The Raptor Trust has provided free medical care to all species of wild birds since 1983. The Trust has a fully equipped medical infirmary, including an intensive care wing. The Raptor Trust provides care for approximately 50% of all birds and 25% of all wildlife admitted to rehabilitation centers in New Jersey. The number of birds we admit each year has increased from 2,000 in 1990 to over 6,000 in 2018.



At the core of the Trust’s mission is education and the sincere belief that an understanding of the role of every creature in nature helps create a better world for us all.




The Raptor Trust is located in Millington on White Bridge Road, bordering the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. We are home to approximately 50 resident birds, an on-site medical and rehabilitation center and education center.

The Raptor Trust is currently closed to visitors, but remains open for bird admitting.



Find out the many ways you can become a part of our mission.


Call 908-647-2353



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Attend a program, Meet our Resident Raptors!  We are currently closed to visitors, but open for bird admitting.


Contact The Raptor Trust with any questions or to plan your visit or program!

Call: 908-647-2353 (Infirmary)

908-647-1091 (Administrative Office/Education Center)

Email: info@theraptortrust.org or education@theraptortrust.org

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