TRT Nature Packet

Spring Bird BINGO

If your family needs a break from Netflix and Disney+, how about a game of BINGO?

Download and print the PDF below for 5 Bingo cards and board listing sheet, and enjoy!

Spring Bird Bingo

Backyard Bird Cards

Get to know the unique personalities of your avian neighbors with these colorful educational cards!

Backyard Bird Cards

TRT Raptor Packets

Learn more about the birds at The Raptor Trust with these educational activities packets! The PDFs below include stories about each bird, as well as crosswords, word scrambles, and drawings.

Wildlife Webcams

Without entertainment venues, events, and gatherings, most of us have a little extra time on our hands! Why not learn more about our natural world? Beware! You WILL lose track of time watching!

Free eBooks

Bird Quizzes

Test your knowledge of backyard birds with these entertaining quizzes!

National Park Virtual Tours

See some of our nation’s most pristine protected lands from your living room. This is a fun resource for the whole family– you can even reflect it from your phone or computer to your television screen with free apps!

And more at!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

How many plants and animals on this list can YOU find?

Make it a competition in your family to see who gets the most points! Just download and print the PDF below and get hunting!