Walk for Hawks

Oct. 9-17

Walk for Hawks

Second Annual

Migration Season Challenge

The Raptor Trust is challenging YOU to get outside, wherever you are, to complete a bird migration distance in steps— whether it’s walking, running, hiking, or biking — during the week of Oct. 9-17 in our second annual Walk for Hawks migration season challenge. The journey will end with a Silent Auction from October 15 at 5 p.m. to October 17 at 6 p.m. 

Equipped with impressive endurance and speed, migrating birds are known for their ability to cover great distances in the wild. Migration season, however, can be particularly tough on wild birds. From now through spring, our medical staff treats the most severe injuries we see all year. To support their recovery, join us (virtually) in Walk for Hawks and complete a walking, running, or hiking self-challenge during the week of October 9-17.  

Walk for Hawks is $40 for adults and $30 for the youth category (under 12).  

The Deluxe Migration package is $75 per person and includes a sponsorship of one of our resident hawks, as well as a tour at TRT, where you will meet a raptor up close. Hawk Talk Tours will be offered on  Sunday, October 17 at 11:30 a.m. and 1 pm. Deluxe migrations are limited in quantity, so be sure to sign up quickly! We will contact all Deluxe Migrants to schedule the preferred time slot for Hawk Talk tours. 

Early birds who register by October 3 will receive an exclusive Walk for Hawks event T-shirt, Rehab Case Study, and set of resident raptor notecards. **T-shirts subject to availability after October 3. 

The Raptor Trust package including TRT beanie, limited-edition TRT aluminum water bottle with clip, and sponsorship of a resident raptor will be awarded to the top female and male challengers (adult AND youth, both walk/run/hike AND biking categories) who complete the most mileage during the week of Oct. 9-17. These top 8 finishers will be asked to provide proof of mileage from popular logging applications like Strava, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Apple, or Fitbit. A race representative will reach out to you after the close of the event on October 17.

Migration Inspiration

Arctic Tern

These birds have the longest migration on earth- 55,923 miles from pole to pole! They can live up to 30 years, so in their lifetime they can travel the distance to the moon and back three times!

Great Snipe

This bird is the fastest migrant- a Great Snipe reaches speeds of up to 60 mph over migration of 4,225 miles! It doesn't take any breaks and can lose up to half its body weight in one migration season.

Peregrine Falcon

While most raptors are short-distance migrants, Peregrine Falcons that nest in the arctic tundra winter in South America-- that means they can migrate up to 15,500 miles in a year!

Sooty Shearwater

This spectacular, stout bird journeys 40,000 miles from south Atlantic and Pacific Ocean islands to subarctic waters.

Broad-winged Hawk

Broad-winged Hawks can travel over 4,350 mile (one way!). They can fly in huge flocks of thousands of birds, called a kettle.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

These short-distance migrants travel 500 miles straight across the Gulf of Mexico.

Whatever “migration” goal you set for yourself makes a difference. All proceeds from this event will go towards helping birds admitted to TRT with migration-related injuries. Your registration fee will help provide antibiotics to cure infections from open wounds; splinting and other medical supplies for healing broken bones; chelation therapy for lead poisoning from contaminated food sources; and food for patients’ several months’ stay at The Raptor Trust.

Make a difference, whatever the distance.


Sign up to become a sponsor! Challenge sponsors have the opportunity to gain significant exposure through TRT’s extensive community. For as little as $250, your company logo will be placed on our website, social media, and Walk for Hawks t-shirt. If your company is interested in sponsoring at the $1,000 level or higher, your employees will be invited to participate in the challenge free of charge and receive a private tour. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact aadams@theraptortrust.org for more information.

Late to the party? Registration will remain open through October 16th. You can backlog your mileage or challenge yourself to complete your personal challenge in a shorter time period.
If you have any questions, please contact Ashlee Adams at aadams@theraptortrust.org.