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The Raptor Trust offers on-site as well as outreach educational programs on a variety of raptor topics. Programs can be adapted for age groups from pre-k to adults. We present programs to a wide range of groups including schools, scouts, colleges, libraries, garden and nature clubs, community groups, and seniors. Most programs are approximately an hour and include an introduction to a live bird of prey and a photo PowerPoint segment. They are presented by one of our educators/naturalists. On-site programs also include a self-guided tour of our outdoor display aviaries. The aviaries house fifty non releasable resident raptors including hawks, eagles, falcons, owls, and vultures. To schedule a program, please contact our education center at 908-647-1091 or email us at

The Raptor Trust Story
A look at what we do to are for thousands of injured and orphaned wild birds that are brought to one of the most comprehensive private avian centers in the United States. Though our focus will be on raptors, we will touch on the wide variety of bird species that are admitted to our infirmary. Learn about common injuries and medical procedures as well as preventing injuries and what to do if you find a wild bird in need of help.                                                                                                                                         Length: 45-60 minutes                               Ages: high school- adult
Sharing the World with Raptors
Learn what raptors are, and discover the different adaptations that these fascinating predatory birds use as daytime (diurnal) and nighttime (nocturnal) hunters. You will get to know some of the species of hawks and owls that are common residents in New Jersey and find out how important they are to the natural world that we all share.                                                                                                     Length: 45-60 minutes                         Ages: 1st grade- adult
All About Owls
An in-depth look at the lives of these interesting and often misunderstood masters of camouflage. Learn about the special adaptations that make these nocturnal birds of prey such amazing nighttime hunters, and get to know the eight species of owls that can be found right here in New Jersey.                                                                                                                             Length: 45-60 minutes.                               Ages: 1st grade- adult
Heads up for Hawks
An introduction to the diurnal (daytime) birds of prey that soar, swoop, and glide through New Jersey’s skies. Learn about seasonal hawk migration and find out how expert watchers identify raptors by their shapes and flight behavior. As we discuss these fascinating predators, we will also share a few success stories in the ongoing effort to conserve birds of prey.                                                           Length: 45-60 minutes                         Ages: high school-adult
Owls are a Hoot!                                       Young children learn about the special abilities, sounds, and senses that make owls such awesome nocturnal creatures. Bird displays, nests, feathers, and meeting a live owl are all part of this fun, interactive program.                                                                                                Length: 30-40 minutes                                Ages: pre k/kindergarten sw101
edcenter The Education Center
Our Education Center is located adjacent to the visitors parking lot at 1452 White Bridge Road. It houses a 35 seat classroom, restrooms, and our educational office. The education center is handicapped accessible. The parking lot accommodates large buses as well as cars.

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