Admitted A Bird? Check Status

Please read instructions carefully.

Thank you for taking the time to help an injured or orphaned wild bird by bringing it to The Raptor Trust for care.  We are a state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center.  Our mission and our commitment is to provide the very best medical care and husbandry for the bird you have entrusted to us.  Our goal, in every possible case, is to give that bird a second chance at freedom by releasing it back into the wild after rehabilitation.

Click on the link that applies to the bird you are checking on:

Adult Songbirds, Adult Waterfowl and All Raptors

If you’ve dropped off an adult bird and waited the appropriate 48 hours, please email us at and provide your Admit number or Date of admit, Species of bird, and the last name of the person who dropped off the bird.

If a computer is not available to you please leave a message at 908-647-2353 x 36 with the same information.  A staff member will get back to you in regards to the status of the bird.

If it’s been a few weeks or months since you dropped the bird off use our Bird Lookup form.

Baby Songbird or Waterfowl

Non-raptor babies are evaluated upon arrival and mixed in with others of their own species.  This is the best thing for their development, but makes it difficult for us to tell which baby bird is YOUR baby bird!

Please refrain from calling or emailing to check on these young patients. This will allow us to focus more energy on necessary bird care. The rehabilitation process of a baby bird takes from two to three months.

If you are still curious about the outcome of the bird you placed in our care and have given it a minimum of two months in our care, please visit the Bird Lookup form.