This holiday season, find the perfect gift at The Raptor Trust, where you’ll find special, one-of-a-kind apparel, books, stuffed animals, novelties, and more. Simply add items to your cart and check out at the bottom of the page.
On-site store hours are Tuesday through Saturday by appointment.
All purchases support the work of The Raptor Trust.


These beautiful holiday ornaments make perfect little gifts you won’t find in stores! Each bird is carved from Black Walnut, Cherry Wood, or Maple wood grown and milled in the USA and finished with a non-toxic oil to enhance and protect the natural beauty of the wood. Each ornament, measuring approximately 4.5″ x 2.5″, comes tied with a hanging ribbon and bow.

Bald Eagle Wood Ornament


[wp_cart_button name=”Bald Eagle” price=”8.00″ shipping=”.50″]

Barred Owl Wood Ornament


[wp_cart_button name=”Barred Owl” price=”8.00″ shipping=”.50″]

Blue Jay Wood Ornament


[wp_cart_button name=”Blue Jay” price=”8.00″ shipping=”.50″]

Great Horned Owl Wood Ornament


[wp_cart_button name=”Great Horned Owl” price=”8.00″ shipping=”.50″]

Cardinal Wood Ornament


[wp_cart_button name=”Cardinal” price=”8.00″ shipping=”.50″]

Raven Wood Ornament


[wp_cart_button name=”Raven” price=”8.00″ shipping=”.50″]

The Raptor Trust Wood Ornament


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If you’re looking for something truly unique, look no further than these super-soft plushies, featuring TRT’s very own resident raptors you can visit! Each raptor’s own story is included with purchase!

Kili the Red-Tailed Hawk


[wp_cart_button name=”Kili” price=”16.00″ shipping=”1.99″]

Virgil the Turkey Vulture


[wp_cart_button name=”Virgil” price=”16.00″ shipping=”1.99″]

Nina the Barn Owl


[wp_cart_button name=”Nina” price=”16.00″ shipping=”1.99″]

Templeton the Turkey Vulture


[wp_cart_button name=”Templeton” price=”16.00″ shipping=”1.99″]

Pepe the Red-Tailed Hawk


[wp_cart_button name=”Pepe” price=”16.00″ shipping=”1.99″]

Uggla the Great-Horned Owl

Check again soon for more!


Child Long-sleeve McNelly Printed Tee


[wp_cart_button name=”Child Long Sleeve” price=”22.00″ shipping=”2.99″ var1=”Size|Small|Medium|Large|XL” var2=”Color|Pink|Gray” var3=”Image|Owl|Hawk|Combo”]

Child Short-sleeve McNelly Printed Tee


[wp_cart_button name=”Child Short Sleeve” price=”22.00″ shipping=”2.99″ var1=”Size|Small|Medium|Large|XL” var2=”Color|Pink|Gray” var3=”Image|Owl|Hawk|Combo”]

Adult Long-sleeve McNelly Printed Tee


[wp_cart_button name=”Adult Long Sleeve” price=”24.00″ shipping=”2.99″ var1=”Size|Small|Medium|Large|XL|XXL” var2=”Image|Owl|Hawk”]

Adult Short-sleeve McNelly Printed Tee


[wp_cart_button name=”Adult Short Sleeve” price=”24.00″ shipping=”2.99″ var1=”Size|Small|Medium|Large|XL” var2=”Image|Owl|Hawk”]

TRT Baseball Cap


[wp_cart_button name=”Baseball Cap” price=”20.00″ shipping=”2.99″ var1=”Color|Pink|Red|Black|Gray”]

McNelly Printed Tote


[wp_cart_button name=”McNelly Tote” price=”18.00″ shipping=”2.99″]


Sonny Pint Glass Set

$20.00 (set of 2)

[wp_cart_button name=”Sonny Pint Glass Set” price=”20.00″ shipping=”3.99″]

Barn/Owl Pint Glass Set

$20.00 (set of 2)

[wp_cart_button name=”Owl Pint Glass Set” price=”20.00″ shipping=”3.99″]

Sonny Wine Tumbler


[wp_cart_button name=”Sonny Wine Tumbler” price=”22.00″ shipping=”2.99″]


Uggla Stickers & Tattoos


[wp_cart_button name=”Uggla Sheet” price=”5.00″ var1=”Item|Stickers|Tattoos”]

Sonny Stickers & Tattoos


[wp_cart_button name=”Sonny Sheet” price=”5.00″ var1=”Item|Stickers|Tattoos”]

TRT Notebook/Pen Set


[wp_cart_button name=”Notebook/Pen” price=”8.00″ shipping=”1.99″ var1=”Color|Green|Black”]

Sibley’s Birding Basics


[wp_cart_button name=”Sibley’s Birding Basics” price=”18.00″ shipping=”.99″]

Arrow & Feather Sticky Notes

8 Decorated sticky pads. Each pad contains 60 stickies. 5-3/8 x 7-1/4 x 3/8″


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