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Every spring we receive calls from people concerned about birds nesting in peculiar places around their homes, such as in hanging plants or exhaust vents. Some birds will nest anywhere there is an opportunity, and a sheltered nook of your house may seem to them like a perfect spot to raise their family. If birds have taken up residence in a safe location around your home, make sure they stay free from disturbance, avoid activity near their nest and keep your cat indoors. If the birds pose a minor inconvenience, be patient, they will soon leave of their own accord. Baby birds grow up quickly; most leave the nest within three weeks after hatching, some even sooner. So if at all possible, tolerate their brief stay.Discourage birds from building nests in dangerous or intolerable locations around your home. If you see nest building activity in a poor location, try to deter the birds by loud noise, clapping, shouting and movement, such as waving a towel. If there are already eggs or babies in a nest which is in an inappropriate place, call us for advice.

You can avoid some of these situations by making certain favored (but dangerous) sites inaccessible to the birds in the first place. For example, block any opening in or around your window air-conditioner, and check that your kitchen fan and clothes dryer vent doors are closing properly.

In recent years Mallard ducks and Canada Geese have become more numerous in our area resulting in fewer natural nest sites to go around. The ducks and geese sometimes choose very poor locations for nesting such as near backyard swimming pools, under residential shrubbery, office building courtyards and even rooftops. Ducklings and goslings hatching in such locations face insurmountable obstacles and seldom survive. If you see ducks or geese starting to nest in a dangerous location, discourage them immediately. By chasing them off early in the process you’ll avoid disaster later. They will seek another (and with luck) safer nest site.

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