Look for Nests Before Cutting Trees and Shrubs

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Many of the orphaned baby birds we receive are brought by people who have inadvertently disturbed a nest when pruning or removing trees and shrubs. Nests are usually well camouflaged and often go undetected. Carefully check for nests before you trim trees, hedges and bushes.

Whenever possible, avoid removing trees and shrubs in spring and summer, the prime nesting seasons. Wait until fall when the nests are no longer in use. If you hire a tree service or landscaper, ask that they take these same precautions.

Some birds form a hollow or use a pre-existing hollow in a tree for a home. Such cavity nesters, like screech owls and woodpeckers, could be inhabiting what appears to be an unoccupied tree. Many of these birds will use a hollow for a roost throughout the year, so regardless of the season, check the cavities of a tree for occupants before cutting it down.

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