Long-Eared Owl Asio otus

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Rehab Long-Eared Owl
The Long-eared Owl, a nocturnal bird about the size of a crow, has a 36 to 42 inch wingspan. Long feather tufts set close together on the head and bright yellow eyes are distinguishing features. This owl lives in deep woodlands, preferring dense groves of conifers. Although it does breed in isolated locations in New Jersey, it is best known as a winter visitor, when several owls can often be found roosting In the same evergreen tree. Rodents, mainly meadow voles, mice and shrews, are its major food. It is a hoot owl with a soft, deep, "Hoo-ooo" call, repeated several times.  The Long-eared Owl is threatened in the state of NJ due to loss of habitat.
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