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Unreleasable Barred Owl
The Barred Owl is one of our largest owls, 16 to 23 inches tall with a 38 to 45 inch wingspan. It can be recognized by its large rounded head, lack of feather tufts, and dark brown eyes. This owl is predominantly nocturnal and lives in deep woods and swamps. It is our most vocal owl, and is heard more often than seen. It has a wide variety of calls, many impossible to describe. The most often heard call is the "eight-hooter," given in two groups of four hoots: "Hoo-hoohoo-hoo;  hoo-hoo-hoo-hoowah." The last note slides downward in tone. The bird feeds mainly on small mammals, but being an opportunist, it also consumes fish, snakes and frogs. The Barred Owl is on the Threatened Species list in the state of New Jersey due to loss of habitat.
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