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Birds, vast numbers of them, share this world with human beings. They live virtually everywhere on earth. No one really knows how many birds there are, but the best scientific "guesstimate" is about 100 billion — some 8,700 different species. Probably over five billion live in the United States alone.
We all see birds every day and surely we've become more familiar with them than all other kinds of wild creatures. Because so many birds live in close proximity to humans, every year great numbers of injured and possibly orphaned individuals are encountered by people. Most humane people who come upon a bird in distress want to help, indeed will help. The problem is that very often people simply don't know how to help. Just determining if a bird should be helped can sometimes be difficult. We hope the information offered here will help you determine what to do, how to do it safely, and guide you in doing what's best for the bird.
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