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Many, perhaps most, of the injuries suffered by wild birds are caused by, or related to, human activities. The vast majority of the injuries are not intentional, but accidents, and often difficult if not impossible to prevent. (See What you can do to help prevent injuries to wild birds.) Most of the wild bird injuries we see at The Raptor Trust are caused by impacts. Birds regularly collide with motor vehicles, hit tall buildings and fly into glass windows and doors, not recognizing that glass is solid. These impacts result in everything from concussions to nerve and tissue damage and broken bones. Birds also get tangled in fishing line, are poisoned by chemicals, fly into wires and, sad to say, many protected species are still shot by lawless, irresponsible people with guns.
Any bird that has sustained a serious injury is in deep trouble, and without human assistance has little to no chance of surviving. Broken bones seldom heal properly on their own — not in humans, not in birds. So if you find an injured bird and you wish to help it, capture it and get it to a rehabilitator as quickly as possible.
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