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If you have found an injured bird: 
Our infirmary staff is available seven days a week during daylight hours to admit injured birds, but we must rely on the people who find them to bring them to us for care.  If you find a bird that needs help, please read the section of our website titled Capturing, Handling and Transporting for complete instructions and safety precautions, and then follow the steps below:
  1. Please use a cardboard box to transport the bird.  Prepare the box by punching holes in the sides and lining it with a soft towel or t-shirt.  DO NOT USE A WIRE BIRD CAGE!
  2. Approach the bird with caution.  Again, please see the section called Capturing, Handling and Transporting for special precautions to use with larger birds and raptors.
  3. Secure the bird by throwing a large towel or blanket over it.  Gently but firmly lift the covered bird and lower it into the box.  Close the box securely!
  4. Keep the bird WARM, DARK AND QUIET!  Bring it to us or another licensed rehabilitator for help as soon as possible.  Disturb as little as possible-DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GIVE IT WATER OR FOOD unless instructed to do so by a licensed rehabilitator.  Please do not attempt to care for the bird yourself. 
After Hours Bird Drop-Off:
The door to our admitting office is open 24-hours a day.  If you cannot bring a bird to us during daylight hours, please leave the bird in one of the pet carriers provided in our admitting office and turn on the heating pad beneath it.  Be sure the heat is set on LOW.  Please fill out an admittance form and leave it by the carrier.
Directions are available on the home page.  Please do not use Map-Quest!
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